Made In Miami


Made In Miami

Miami is much more than beaches and party revelers. In a city where looking good is an activity, there is a whole industry dedicated to making sure your clothes are perfectly tailored. Our pieces are made in Miami to ensure that every step that goes into the production of your Preppy Pimps is done to perfection so that you can walk through those doors feeling strong, confident and looking good.


Be it our Preppy Pimp Prints or the Custom Monogram Prints, each yard of fabric is designed and printed in Miami. Our printing partners carefully match the colors chosen to ensure every piece is as bold as the person wearing them.


From the printing press to the cutting tables, each garment is expertly cut to our precise standards. The marker is laid out like a map to guide the scissors as each piece is sliced out.


Our seamstresses take pride in every garment and, like us, love the city we live in and strive to preserve its’ reputation with every stitch. We believe that each piece needs to reflect the precision and care that being made in Miami means.