Our Story

Preppy Pimp is a “Purveyor of Prints” that makes the ordinary, extraordinary.

We create limited edition prints that, like the French word, pimpelorer, “decorate, color and beautify.”  Working  closely with fabric mills and artisans steeped in the traditions of handcrafted textiles, we aspire to bring unique items to market that you can’t find anywhere else. From your walls, to your wardrobe and everything in between, the modern classics created by Preppy Pimp will illuminate your world. Color is living!

We don’t collaborate, we create together with partners who share our sense of style.

 Our dedicated clientele continues to grow and drives us to explore how we can make the world more colorful and beautiful.  From designing a custom print and putting in on drapes and dinner plates, pillows to pants and coolers to coffins – yes, we actually have lined a coffin - anything is possible.

For us, it’s not about inspiration, it’s exploration and invention.

All items are limited edition runs (because you don’t want too much of a good thing)


To add some color and beauty to your world, contact our custom design services op@preppypimp.com