Custom Caskets Created for a Colorful Afterlife

When we  created a custom pair of colorful printed pants for a client's 40th birthday party, he was so impressed he announced at the party that he wanted us to design his coffin, so that he could “Die in Style!”

What started as a joke at a party has become a full-fledged business venture, with Preppy Pimp now working with coffin manufacturers to create custom looks for casket linings from coast to coast.

While brightly patterned Pink Flamingos and Canadian Geese repeating in a spiral that wouldmake M.C. Escher dizzy might not be everyone’s taste, these custom caskets are growing in favor with generations looking to take charge of their celebration of life, planning everything from the soundtrack, to the guestlist, to the color of the casket and printed pattern lining they’ll have to “live” with forever.

For us, it’s not about inspiration, it’s exploration and invention. 

 To customize your life contact us at for more information.  We'll put prints on anything.