WiltonWood Rod & Gun Club Season 110. Vol 3

Gentle Members, 
The gorgeous fall foliage you see covering Wiltonwood Rod & Gun Club reminds us that Thanksgiving is just around the corner. While it is a time to reflect on our fortunes it also signals the start of the holiday season, which for many of our members means a perpetual hangover until January 3rd. 
Chef Julio is hard at work preparing a Thanksgiving luncheon buffet to celebrate the holiday in style. Tables in the ballroom will be beautifully set with our new placemats and napkins in a delicious Hosta Leaf print in seasonal colors.

Sous chef Roger, who I am told is fresh off his award-winning stint at Guy Fieri’s American Grill, is creating specialty menu items as well. One New York Times restaurant critic said he “puts the suck in roasted suckling pig.” We are very hopeful for a delicious and beautiful meal (at least the table settings will be pretty).  

The Hosta Leaf prints were chosen by Miss. Phyllis Neffler of the WiltonWood Ladies Horticulture Club. Inspired by the leaves originally called “Funkia” when they were discovered by German Botanist Dr. Heinrich Funk, who ironically was also known for his unique style of waltzing in Vienna, the Hosta Leaf print looks fabulous in any color but particularly striking in the orange tones of autumn.
The management wishes to thank those members who personally went out and bagged turkeys for the occasion. We will also be serving Wild Turkey in the bar. Enjoy a cocktail or shoot it, if you must, from a glass. Just please use a cocktail napkin as koozies and those unsightly sasquatch cups are henceforth banned from the clubhouse. 
We want to give THANKS to all of you who make Wiltonwood Rob & Gun Club such a special place. Happy Thanksgiving!
Bill M. Lots
General Manager