WiltonWood Rod & Gun Club Season 110. Vol. 2.

Dear Gentle Member,

WiltonWood Rod & Gun Club is pleased to announce the completion of our newly renovated Men's Locker Room. Guests will notice that tired old tartan has been replaced by a fresh Gentlemen Geese print inspired by our seasonal winged visitors from the north.  Despite their insistence on defiling the golf course and honking louder than a broken Volkswagen, WiltonWood honors these majestic creatures with a custom print that says "Sayonara! See you down in Mexico soon!" 
Should you be heading south for the winter too, we recommend picking up a pair of boxers or a belt in the Pro Shop.  Either way you'll be covered.

As a reminder to members, while we tolerate (nay, expect)drinking from a flask on the pier and shooting range, please refrain from swigging directly out of your flask in the clubhouse.  You won't make your monthly minimum and we will charge you accordingly.

While WiltonWood appreciates the latest fashion trends from our female members, what you ladies are carrying is an ice bucket and not a purse (unless you live in Saskatchewan).

All members can celebrate our Gentlemen Geese by ordering one of our custom items.

We are also currently running a special on foie gras in the Clubhouse.  Please enjoy with a side of Freedom Fries. 


 Mr. Bill M. Lots

General Manager