WiltonWood Rod & Gun Club Newsletter -Season 110 Vol. 1.

Gentle Member,

The summer sun has faded into a distant memory and a new season is upon us here at WiltonWood Rod & Gun Club.    This year marks the 110th Anniversary of our beloved club.

As most of you know, WiltonWood was founded by Mr. Wilton Woodward in 1918 as a haven for likeminded ladies and gentlemen to enjoy cocktails and camaraderie in the great outdoors.

First, I would like to bring attention to the latest renovations to our wonderful club.  The bar and ballroom have been given a fresh new look with Hosta prints that capture our classic style and the Gentlemen's Lounge is adorned with a hunting inspired Canadian Geese motif. All this,  just in time for the Seasoning opening Dinner & Dance party.

The Ladies Club Committee has been hard at work planning this event down to every last detail, insisting we bring in dance instructor  Antonio Velour who seems VERY popular with the committee members (and is apparently available for free, in-home, private lessons). Get ready to show off your finest Caftans ladies! Those free-flowing dresses will surely be a hit with Antonio if not your husbands.

Meanwhile, the men are putting on their Party Pants, with many choosing to wear a print that honors our vibrant outdoors. While WiltonWood encourages all male members to express themselves pants-wise, we do ask that gentlemen please wear a belt. We do not want a repeat of the great Limbo Disaster of 2016 when a member (who shall remain nameless) gave our guests a closeup re-enactment of the moon landing, complete with craters.  If you find that a belt tightens your waist just a tad too much, we encourage you to show some decency by wearing party friendly boxers.

That being said, all gentlemen should, please, please, (for God’s sakes) wear a belt.   

In other news, life continues anew here at WiltonWood as we welcome the birth of the son of Mr. Wade Wilson Junior and his lovely wife Sarah. Many members have already begun referring to the little one as W.W. III. If you see Wade in the lounge, buy him a shot of whiskey (he needs it). If you see Sarah,buy her two(she needs it even more).

 On the subject of whiskey, we want to wish a very happy birthday to Captain Cornelius, the Commodore Emeritus of WiltonWood, whose bravery is legendary whether on the battlefield, on horseback or at the bar. If you see him on the veranda, have a seat and he’ll regale you with stories of rough riding Teddy Roosevelt. He also claims the same with Mae West.


Sit back, relax and enjoy the view overlooking WiltonWood. You are the member of a very special club.