Preppy Pimp 14 Ft  Catboat
Preppy Pimp

Preppy Pimp 14 Ft Catboat

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Sail away and sweep her off her feet with the Preppy Pimp Catboat. 

The shallow draft of the 14-foot fiberglass Catboat allows it to sail with ease in only 12 inches of water. The full beam makes this one of the most stable catboats on the market. She is as quick as a cat and very forgiving to those new to sailing.

Our catboat has a fiberglass coaming which eliminates the problems commonly found in boats with wooden coamings where the coaming and deck meet.  This significantly reduces yearly maintenance and leaves you more time to enjoy living the high life on the water. 

A sail in Preppy Pimp Miami waves print and pillows to match will have you always looking good and feeling good. 

  • LOA X BEAM: 14′ x 7′
  • SAIL:  Miami Waves by Preppy Pimp
  • COCKPIT SIZE: 5′ x 8′
  • ACCESSORIES: Pillows in Miami waves.
  • SAIL AREA: 145 SF
  • DISPLACEMENT: 700 lbs
  • DRAFT:
  • 10″ with ctrbd up
    38″ with ctrbd dn
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